Blue Haze - F Minor Scale (shipped within 14 days)


The notes in this scale are   F  G  Ab  Bb  C  Db  Eb  F  G. Allowing for some enchanting harmonics. This drum will never go out of tune and can be played with beaters or hands to make it accessible to all.

This 9 note Tamar Steel Drum is hand crafted from 1.5mm steel and finished with our steel tempering technique and a Blue Haze to make this enchanting instrument not just sound beautiful but to look great too.

Weight 4.5kg  Width 45cm  Depth  20cm

This drum comes with; Note diagram,  hand made gig bag and 1 pair of hand crafted Mohair beaters. (all our beaters are made with mohair from our own goats and are 100% vegetarian).