Copper Tree - Mystical Scale - C Hijaz scale - (shipped within 14 days)


This drum comes with; Note diagram,  hand made draw string bag and 1 pair of hand crafted Mohair beaters in burgundy and black.( all our beaters are made with mohair from our own goats and are 100% vegetarian).

Ethically crafted by hand in the Tamar valley from recycled steel. This drum has a white and copper finish. It has then been beautifully hand painted with this amazing tree design.

The notes in this scale are   C Db E F G Ab Bb C
Size: 33cm wide  / 21cm high

This steel tongue drum comes in C Hijaz so it has a mystical sound allowing for expression and a sense of conclusion making it popular with therapists, theatre groups, teaching, for meditation techniques and musicians of all ability's. The notes have a long sustain allowing for some enchanting harmonics. This drum will never go out of tune and can be played with beaters or hands.