Purple Tree of Life - 432Hz A Akebono Scale (shipped within 14 days)

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A sound sample is available below the description.


This 8 note steel tongue drum comes in an A Akebono scale tuned to 432Hz. This scale is a great all rounder, allowing for expression and a sense of conclusion making it popular with teachers, therapists, for meditation techniques and musicians of all ability's. The notes have a long sustain allowing for some enchanting harmonics. This drum will never go out of tune and can be played with beaters or hands.

Ethically crafted by hand and without exploitation in the Tamar valley from recycled steel and finished in purple with a hand painted Tree of Life design in gold.


The notes in this scale are  A  C  D  E  G  A  C  D

Size: 23cm high / 29cm wide approximately.

Weight 4.6kg

This drum comes with:

Note diagram,  hand made draw string bag and 1 pair of hand crafted Mohair beaters in a matching purple colour. (all our beaters are made with mohair from our own goats and are 100% vegetarian).

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