When you purchase an instrument from steeltonguedrum.co.uk (red earth percussion) you can be ensured your buying the best.

All our instruments are hand crafted to the highest standards and tuned to perfection. We combine this with a personal attitude to customer care and commitment to keep our prices as low as possible.

A few artist who have used our instruments in their work included percussionists such as

Dave Price - davepricemusic.net

Musicians, Justin Nicholls - justinnicholls.com/

and theatre companies such as the Royal Shakespeare Company - rsc.org.uk

Steeltonguedrum.co.uk is based at Newmoor Barn at the bottom of the valley on the borders between Devon and Cornwall in the UK.

 We are an ethical company dedicated to the ethical treatment of animals and people.

That includes you!

We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality, ethically produced instruments. But what does that actually mean?

We don't exploit animals or humans and we promote the same to those with whom we work. Staff are always paid above a living wage, receive a share of the profits and can work flexible hours in order to spend more time with family, friends and living a happy life. 

Red earth percussion invests in its local community. Investing in and delivering creative, performance and therapeutic workshops at reduced rates and often free of charge! We are dedicated to enabling expression and empowerment though artistic and creative expression.

We also offer reduced prices on all our products for charities community groups and people with and working with those with additional needs.

Our drums are crafted with particular attention paid to the ethics of its construction and materials used ,enhancing the sound, vibration and playing experience.We are also dedicated to provide an excellent and friendly customer service.

Who will make my drum?

Your drum will be made by Damian Busby. Damian studied music at the University of Northumbria and Yared Music School and The Institute of Ethiopian Studies (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia). Damian is also a qualified teacher and has taught in schools, colleges and universities 

Founder of the International Cultural Exchange Program, promoting positive attitudes towards others through music. Damian has composed and performed music throughout the UK, Europe and Africa.

With more than 20 Years experience of working with music in both educational and community settings he knows that quality of sound, durability. accessibility and ease of play, backed up by great customer service is essential.

If you have any questions about what we do and why we do it please don't hesitate to contact us.