Questions and Answers.

What is a Steel Tongue Drum?

Steel tongue drums are in the idiophone classification of the percussion family. Percussion means you strike it with your hands or beaters and an idiophone means that the instrument vibrates as a whole. They are very easy to play and fill the environment with harmonic vibrations.

What is the difference between the series 1 and series 2?

Our series 1 sounds more like a bell and may be more suitable for those who want to make beautiful sounds. Our series 2 is more harp like and may be more suitable for those who want to create beautiful sounds combined with playing music.

The series 2 has 9 notes (17 on a double sided drum) which gives it a larger playing surface than the series 1 which has 8 notes.

What is a scale and which is the best scale for me?

A musical scale is a selection of notes ascending or descending in tone. The relationship between these different notes combined together will give the instrument its different sounds/feeling. All our scales are designed to sound great, but here is a general summery.

Celtic Minor Scales - Relaxing

Major Scales - Expression

Hijaz Scales - Mystical

Akebono Scales - Conclusion

We strongly advise you to listen to as many scales as possible. Its important to get the right scale for you. If you hear a scale you like and would like it in different colour or design just let us know.

Are they easy to play? 

Yes, they are very easy to play. As soon as you remove the drum from its bag and strike the tongues with the beaters you will sound great and fill the room with vibrating sound. Playing with your hands may take a little longer but with a little practice you will learn how your hands can allow you to expand your musical expression.

Why do some of your drums state that they are shipped within 48hrs and others 14 days?

Drums shipped within 48hrs and made and ready to go. Drums shipped within 14 days will be made by us when ordered.

Do you do custom orders?

Yes, we do custom orders. As we make everything here you can have any colour in any scale. Our hand painted designs also means you aren't limited to what design goes on your drum. Meaning our customised drums are great to promote your business with your own hand painted logo or as a unique gift for yourself or someone else.

What's the difference between 440hz and 432hz?

All our drums are tuned to 440hz. 440hz is the frequency which creates the note of A. This is standard tuning which all orchestral instruments are tuned too. Some people prefer their instruments to be tuned to the frequency of 432hz. This is because some believe that this frequency is more in tune with the human soul. These drums will sound a little lower when played with instruments tuned to standard tuning. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this.

Will my drum go out of tune?

No. Your drum will never go out of tune.

What accessories come with my drum?

Your drum will come with hand crafted beaters, gig bag and a note diagram showing you where all your notes are located on your drum. Stands are extra and available to buy from our website. 

I can buy a cheaper drum, why should I buy yours?

Cheaper imported drums are manufactured from the cheapest material possible, made by machine, often out of tune and sound terrible. Steel tongue drums need to be made by hand to ensure correct tuning and allow the instrument to ring as a whole. We don't like to 'bang our own drum' but our drums are the best you can get. Tuned to perfection, every aspect is done by hand ensuring your get a not only a beautiful musical  instrument but a work of art. Combine this with great customer service and you can rest assured you are buying the best.

How much will shipping cost?

Postage and packaging will cost £20 within the UK and £40 with Europe. Please contact us for details for worldwide shipping as this often changes.

What happens if I don't like my drum?

We have a no quibble returns policy. If you don't like your drum you can return it for a full refund. We don't pay for postage and packaging for returns unless your drum has been damaged in transit.

What are the ethics of the company?

Our company ethics are simple. We are kind. We don't exploit animals (including humans) or the environment. Everything is made on our small farm in the Tamar valley using local sourced materials to create musical instruments that will last more than a life time.

Can I but sheet music for my drum?

Not really. The steel tongue is a relatively new instrument so sheet music has yet to be created. However you can play any song which is played in the key of your drum. For example, if your drum is in the key of G Major you can simply go online and find songs played in the key of G Major.